Technical School

Passive Solar Energy DesignArchitectural Competition for the Technical School of Kalambaka, with Passive Energy Design.
The conception for the composition was to arrange all the facilities around a central patio that wouldn’t implicate introversion. There is a constant interchange between closed and open spaces since the greek climate allows for outdoors activities.Most of the classrooms, specially those of the youngest pupils belong to the ground-floor, have southern individual yards and provide shaded open space for alternative teaching.
The solution suggests the position of the teaching halls at the south-western area, the wing of the laboratories at the northern part and the greenhouse for agricultural lessons placed at the south-east part of the site.The greenhouse is the landmark of the school. It’s graded roof start solidly from the ground floor and  as it ascends it transforms into a light glass roof with metal structure. Its serves as an agricultural workshop.
There has been an intensive attempt to employ passive energy systems and renewable energy sources such as direct solar gain from south facing windows for winter heating, natural ventilation for summer cooling and adequate natural lighting to minimize the need of electric lighting, but balancing the heat gains that create overheating with fitting shading. For example there has been attentive use of shelters, overhangs, skylights, ventilation beneath the roof, reflective coating metallic foils and sensible use of material’s thermal proprieties.

Giannis Kizis, Atelier A66 : D+S Antonakakis, C. Galyfianaki et al.