School of Fine Arts

A site with a complex of industrial buildings, was the canvas given for the new facilities of the School of the Fine Arts, Athens. This indulging yet difficult brief required the interpretation of the existing premises and the rationale of the principles of the new scheme that would blend with the industrial character and generate new stimulating fine arts premises.
The project of  Atelier A66 was elected as best in a National competition. After many years of stagnation and spatial ‘improvisations’, it was given the chance in 2005 to carry out the scheme for the rehabilitation the existing and and design the new sections to the site.

New stagnation made possible the new Library to be build on 2015.
The building of the teaching Halls, amphitheaters and the administrations’ offices with their facilities will follow next.

This is a collaborative work with Attelier A66.


Atelier A66: D+S Antonakakis, C. Galyfianaki et al.


Piraeus Ave., Athens