Preservation and Upgrading of Divari Lagoon

Diploma thesis:“Preservation and upgrading of the Divari lagoon”, 1999.
The content of this thesis was the support with architectural means of the diverse uses of land while preserving and upgrading of an ecological sensitive region. It is placed at the south-west edge of Peloponnisos, it is a salty marshy lake between the sea and the land.


The landscape consists on a narrow stripe of land that separates the  sea gulf at the west and Divari lagoon – a semi-salty marshy land in a enclosed shape between the land, the stripe of land, and Korifasio hill at the north. The area is characterized as an exceptional wetland for the migratory birds and as one of the rar habitat of chameleon.

It bears intense marks of overexploitation, cultivation and fishing as well as the draining attempts of the past to cultivate it which traces still remain as land stripes on a grid .

The human uses and interest for this area is sea and sun-bathing at the west side of the stripe of land between the laggon and the sea during summer months, site seeing and bird watching in the lagoon and visiting the historical castle of Korifasion at the north. There is potential for touristic growth nearby so the control and channeling of human courses and assemblies is imperative.

In the context of an attempt for environmental education and sensitization of the public a net of courses is organized together with an effort to constrain the flow of the tourists at specific parts that are less sensitive for the ecosystem. The course is supported by the basic facilities whilst with suitable infrastructure the recreation is limited in selected regions.


Christina Galyfianaki


Divari, Peloponnese