Museum of Vergina

This is a participation at thr architectural competition of the Museum of Vergina that is planned to be the main cultural center of the region with various activities.
Our intention was to organize the whole in a monolithic structure would enfold the inner space that accommodate the exhibits whilst the natural lighting would invade thru means like skylights and slot openings creating an dramatic atmosphere to accent their preciousness.
The building of the Archaeological Museum was organized into zones of different usages and movements. The activities of the program are arranged at the West-East direction, which serves a probable future expansion.
An elongated course leads up to a sheltered open space that distributes the movements either to the entrance hall and the store on the left, or to the amphitheatre, the educational hall and the cafe southwards offering simultaneously the extensive view of the archeological excavations.

This is a collaboration work with Attelier A66, C. Plaini, Q. Bertrad, N. Dritsa, M. Portalios.


Atelier A66: S+A Antonakakis, C. Galyfianaki, C. Plaini, Q. Bertrad, N. Dritsa, M. Portalios.


Macedonia, Greece