This is the re-design of 2 x Houses for planning permission and construction at Neos Voutzas, Attica. We were assigned by the client to change the architectural character and improve the interion layout to their liking of the first house for which they had already built its concrete structure. So its design was quite restricted. For the second house we made a whole new design and placed it to favor the wide view to the sea and the alignment with the first house. We also improved the outdoor space areas by replacing balconies with courtyard, made common outdoor spaces for both houses and added pergolas and canopies and for the shading and appearance of the entrances.

Aiming to follow the scale and to integrate the new buildings with the landscape and the slope of the hill we created the design with split volume and separated roofs with underlying attics.


Christina Galyfianaki, Kiki Grevia

civil engineer::

Leonidas Kotrozinis, Maria Kourmoulaki


Neos Voutzas, Attica


2023+ ongoing